Research Management Improvements

Northeastern University has been evolving from a more regionally-focused university with a limited research portfolio, into a national research university, achieving R-1 status in 2015.  This rapid transition has included significant growth in enrollment, faculty and facilities, as well as in the number, size and complexity of sponsored research grants.

Growth in Northeastern’s research administration infrastructure, however, has not matched the pace at which it has expanded its research faculty and activity.

Accordingly, in June 2017 the Senior Leadership Team chartered an Integration Team for Research Management, or I-Team, led by the Senior Vice Provost of Research to improve the performance of our integrated research administration systems by recommending enhancements for research administration resources, tools, processes, and procedures at Northeastern. The Provost invited representatives from Research Administration, Research Finance, Office of General Council, Research Compliance, Faculty, and Information Technology Services to serve on the I-Team to assess current research administration functions.

The I-Team re-imagined a world-class research infrastructure to support a world-class research enterprise.  As part of that process, they met with associate deans and research faculty, including representatives from the Faculty Senate to recommend ways in which research support could be improved at the university.  The resulting final report includes those recommendations.

Last Updated on January 5, 2021