The main mission of Boston Electron Microscopy Center is to provide electron microscopy (EM) related support for students and faculties within Northeastern University, and EM service for other universities and companies. We encourage independent use of our instruments after training by our staff.

SEM (Hitachi S-4800) training has two sessions which will cover fundamental theory and operation demonstration. Each session will be 2 – 3 hours long. If you want to schedule a SEM training, please contact Alice Schmid via email or stop by Egan 106. The SEM training usually has 6-8 people. We also provide individual training for some special situation.

TEM training can be conducted on either JEM 1010 or JEOL 2010F depending on users needs. We provide one-to-one or small group training on TEM by introducing the basics of TEM, doing sample preparation and instructing operation of TEM. If you are interested in using TEM, please contact Alice Schmid to make a schedule to discuss your sample and how to start.

Last Updated on March 4, 2022