Center for Communications and Digital Signal Processing (CDSP)

Director: Gilead Tadmor, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

he CDSP is comprised of nine faculty and 50 graduate students in electrical and computer engineering, whose state-of-the-art research focuses on communications, signal processing, control systems and related computational software and hardware. In collaboration with industrial partners such as Analog Devices, Inc., BBN Technologies and Nokia, faculty and graduate students work on problems ranging from theory development and experimental investigation to practical applications aimed at improving electrocardiogram technology (a computer imaging technology used to see a 3-D image of a patient’s heart), devising hardware that makes computer networks more efficient, upgrading wireless communications, creating new technology to diagnose and treat the hearing-impaired, and introducing feedback control for reduced drag and improved lift in aircraft and turbine engines.

This work includes the development, analysis, and implementation of cutting-edge algorithms for high-performance execution of algorithms, control, remote sensing, and pattern recognition. The CDSP’s faculty and students are particularly knowledgeable about equalization, networks, multi-user coding and compression, adaptive, non-linear, and non-stationary signal processing, biomedical signal processing and medical imaging, pattern recognition, parallel architectures and FPGA implementations for DSP algorithms, wavefield processing and inversion algorithms, array processing in a variety of non-standard environments, perception of sound, auditory modeling, robust control, system identification and fault detection, target tracking and non-linear control with electromechanical and fluid mechanics applications. Founded in 1987.

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