COVID-19 Updates

ONR Updates

ONR has clarified its policy for administrative relief on ONR awards as a result of university or non-profit actions taken in response to COVID-19. At this time, ONR is utilizing OMB M-20-11 guidance for assistance awards (i.e. grants) directly supporting continued research or services necessary to carry out the emergency response related to COVID-19.

Additionally, ONR is using a “limited statement” from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Basic Research Office for grantees whose work does not fit the parameters of M-20-11, which is only applicable to awards that support the continued research and services necessary to carry out the emergency response related to COVID-19 during the period formally declared a public health emergency.

For grants outside those parameters, ONR will continue following current protocols for modifying awards as requested and warranted and will apply the following guidance: “Expenditure of award funds for salaries: DoD may only allow grantees to charge salaries and benefits to currently active awards for any work that is performed to meet the project activities, regardless of the location where those duties are performed (i.e. telework eligible).

Some approved activities may include data analysis, preparation of articles and papers based on the analysis of the research findings, monitoring sub-recipients, direct charged administrative costs. Applicable indirect costs may be charged to all allowed costs.

Last Updated on January 5, 2021