Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System (ECUAS)

Lab Description

The ECUAS enables discovery and innovation across all drone related technologies areas including flight control systems, autonomy, ML/AI, PNT systems (position, navigation & timing), sensors/payloads, cyber systems, and RF/electromagnetic systems. The lab consists of a massive 1.8M cubic foot netted flight “cage” interconnected to an indoor 50’x50’x22’ Anechoic Chamber with >110dB of RF isolation (DC – 40GHz+).

The Lab provides a research and test facility that operates outside of the constraints of the FAA (Part 107) and FCC (licensed and unlicensed frequency bands) and that is integrated with state of the art tools such as precision optical tracking, SDR-based multi-band radio frequency transmit and receive, multi-constellation indoor GNSS simulation, cyber vulnerability analysis, antenna characterization, high power EMP, and machine learning for autonomy and sensing.

The Lab is available for use as a research or test facility by any interested party. As a Core Facility of Northeastern University, the lab maintains dedicated support staff and operates on a fee for use basis for both facilities and equipment. Additionally, lab staff is available for consulting services for collaborative R&D or projects that require effort beyond standard facility or equipment support.

For more information regarding lab use, pricing or consulting services please contact the lab director, Matthew Kling, at m.kling@northeastern.edu.

Last Updated on April 7, 2022