Getting Started

Academic Users

This document (Download Here) must be signed by all users to attest that they have taken the online safety class, read and understood the safety document outlining the safety rules, cleanroom protocol, and etiquette of the Kostas center, and have been given the lab safety and walkthrough tour. Return the Original signed document to the Fab manager.

Industrial Users

  1. Download the MOU, fill it, and send it to the Facility Director.
  2. Provide the Director with the certificate of insurance.
  3. Read through Lab Safety information below and obtain the Certificate.
  4. Provide the Lab Director with the PO for the prescribed amount.
  5. Register at the webpage.
  6. Do in-person lab safety walk though.
  7. Schedule the equipment for training on the webpage.

This document (Download Here) must be signed by the Industrial representative and should be ratified by the Northeastern University counsel.

Lab Policies

It is the user’s responsibility to plan his activities accordingly, such that he is not overscheduling tools out of respect for other researchers in the center. The scheduler is the main mechanism as to how the Kostas Center bills users. It is also used to plan maintenance and track uptime. So, it is imperative that all hourly and super users use this scheduler.
The equipment scheduler is now tied into the equipment status page. If the equipment status shows a piece of equipment is down and you try to schedule it, it will not be allowed.

When you schedule a piece of equipment there is an 8-hour window by which you can cancel a piece of equipment. Once this window is passed only the fab director can cancel.

If the piece of equipment has broken or breaks after that time period please tell the Fab management to un-schedule the slot so you will not get charged. Likewise, if a tool is available to use and you need to use it immediately or that day you must schedule it as you cannot schedule a tool after its time slot has passed. If you are found using a tool that you have not scheduled there will be a service charge added in the scheduler of $50.00. This charge applies to regular and super users.

In summary, you can schedule a tool that is in service right up until the time to use it but you can only cancel up to eight hours before use.

Lab Safety

Study Material

To take the chemical safety exam please go to

  1. To access online training “ Click Here”
  2. Enter your NEU user name and password.
  3. Take the exam for “Hazardous communication training /Chemical Hygiene Parts 1 and 2
  4. Once you have finished the test, it will generate a certificate, which you should forward it to admin (, for approval.

Contact Kostas Center

448 Egan Center, 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Phone: 617-373-5848

Last Updated on February 22, 2022