Recruitment and Advertisements

The IRB must approve all study advertisements and recruitment materials prior to their use.

Materials may include ( posters, flyers, websites, emails, brochures, scripts for telephone recruitment, et cetera)  Advertisements should be attached to the Application for Approval.

Advertisements and recruitment materials should be very clear that research participation is what is being solicited and should also contain the following information:

  • Names of the investigators and contact information
  • Northeastern University’s name and departmental affiliation
  • Purpose of the research
  • General eligibility criteria
  • Location of research
  • Time or other commitment required (number of visits, total duration including follow-up visits, et cetera)
  • Compensation/Remuneration (if any)

Advertisements should not make extravagant claims, mislead about the purpose of the research, emphasize monetary compensation, use attention-getting techniques, nor pressure readers to participate.