JEOL 2010F


Location: Dana 020

Status: Online

JEOL 2010F is a field emission high-resolution scanning/transmission electron microscope. It is capable of capturing atomic lattice images, selected area electron diffraction(SAED), converged-beam electron diffraction(CBED), nano-beam electron diffraction(NBED), high-angle annular dark field(HAADF) image and etc.

Instrument Specifications

Electron Source Schottky field emission gun (zirconated tungsten)
Accelerating Voltage 200kv
Operation Modes Bright Field
Dark Field
Magnification 50x to 1.5Mx
TEM Resolution 0.19nm point to point
0.1nm lattice
Sample Holders Jeol single tilt
Jeol double tilt holder
Tilt Angles X-tilt +/-30°
Y-tilt +/- 15°
Image Recording Gatan Ultrascan CCD

Last Updated on December 20, 2021