NU-RES: A New Experience…

At Northeastern University, our culture is built on innovation, and shaping solutions for our challenges.

The growth and success of the university’s research program presented an opportunity to reorganize research services to align processes and capacity with the scale of the enterprise. The result:


The offices of Research Administration, Research Compliance, and Research Finance have combined talent to bring to our investigators, colleges, institutes, and funding organizations a more clear and smooth administrative experience during the lifecycle of a research project. Combining these units better serves our research community and supports the university’s strategic goals.

By improving the research administrative experience, administrative burden on investigators will be reduced, and communication and operations between central university research administrators and principal investigators, colleges, institutes, and funding organizations will be improved.

NU-RES is implementing a reorganization plan to begin the work to improve the research administration experiences provided to our user community and welcomes your feedback in the comments below, or sent to