Website Feedback

NU-RES has been working with the Provost Web Team on refreshing our website, refreshing the content, updating the website template, and moving all of the information to a new standardized domain (

Along with the NU-RES website, the Human Subject Research Protection (HSRP) and Research websites are also moving to the new domain, and will be refreshed to the new website template.

These changes will make our website consistent with other Northeastern websites, and to the new branding standards.

To that end, we’d like to ask for your help in assessing it’s usability.  We included some new content to help with understanding the nuances of research at Northeastern, as well as make it easy to find things in the least amount of ‘clicks.’

Our recent Communications Survey showed that users want to look to the website to find information, so we need your help in improving the experience, and making it easy to find information.

Among the improvements are:

  • A better more intuitive structure of the information
  • Consistent breadcrumbs (making it easier to know where you are)
  • A calendar where we will list upcoming events/training (e.g. Brown Bags, etc.)
  • A comment form to collect feedback
  • A new Glossary

Please use the form below to provide your comments on our new website, and thanks for helping us improve the NU-RES website experience!