eCLAWs Training


eCLAWs is a simple contract and agreement workflow system that asks questions to help you provide the right information needed by your Gatekeeper, Reviewer(s), and Signatories in order to process your contract as quickly as possible.

eCLAWs will be used to review and approve all contracts, beginning with those using the Procurement/OGC Gatekeeper process.

NOTE: A TEST version of eCLAWs has been created for users to review/train/practice. To access the TEST environment, log into eCLAWs-TEST with your My Northeastern credentials. The Production environment should only be used for actual contract and agreement submissions.

Contract Submitters:  To submit a contract or agreement for review:

To learn how to submit a Research and Innovation contract in eCLAWs, please watch this video:

If you need help please contact the NU-RES Help Center for assistance.

Last Updated on November 23, 2020