Activity Types (OMB Function)

Organized Research – Basic Systematic study directed toward increasing useful knowledge or understanding of fundamental aspects of phenomena and observable facts without specific applications. Examples: Investigator-initiated research (e.g., NIH’s RO1).
Organized Research – Applied Systematic study to gain knowledge or understanding to meet a specific recognized need. (e,g., Phase II SBIR/STTR).
Organized Research – Developmental Systematic use of knowledge or understanding gained from research directed toward production of useful materials, devices, systems, or methods, including design and development or prototypes and processes (e.g., FOA specifies that research is conducted for research and development, improved technology).
Instruction Curriculum development, teaching and non-research training activities.
Other All other sponsored programs that are not organized research or instruction that serve a public purpose. (e.g., community service programs, symposiums, and conferences).