Welcome to ePAWs

Gentle reminder: Access to NU-RES web applications (ePAWs 1.0, Coeus) use the University’s single-sign-on. Beginning July 16, 2019, the University will require 2FA to access online services that use Northeastern’s single sign-on (SSO). Please be sure to update your devices so that you retain access. For more information, see the ITS email from June 2019, or visit Get2FA.northeastern.edu.

ePAWs (Electronic Proposal Approval and Workflow System) is a simple proposal development tool used to prepare proposals for institutional review and approval.

ePAWs was designed to reduce the administrative burden on investigators and college administrators, to provide a transparent tracking tool visible to all, and to collect the necessary approvals and certifications required by the funding agencies.

Here are a few of the advantages of using ePAWs:

  • Using a single page web-based form, ePAWs users can create proposals and submit for review and approval within minutes
  • Users across colleges can see summary information on research happening in other colleges on the ePAWs Dashboard
  • With ePAWs, Investigators now certify electronically!

To get started with ePAWs, login with your myNEU username and password.

ePAWs User Guide

Need a new Sponsor in ePAWs, department update, or role added to create ePAWs proposals? Contact the RA-Help team using the same web form as you would use to request changes in Coeus.