Banner and Cognos

Self Service Banner (SSB), Banner ePrint reports, and Cognos are the tools in place to help you manage your research budget. Information on interpreting both SSB and ePrint can be found on the Banner Finance Help page via your MyNEU Services and Links tab.

Cognos is a business analytics tool that provides users with a single, self-service portal to access and produce reports, dashboards, and ad hoc queries. Data feeds from COEUS and Banner Finance overnight. Please visit the Cognos website to obtain additional information.

How do I get Banner access?

You may already have Banner access based on your position and role within your department. In the event that you do not have access to Banner Finance, you can request access through the Financial Planning, Strategy, and Analytics Office. The instructions and forms to request Banner Finance access can be found here.

ePrint: Commonly used reports:

A daily status report of your Fund from the start of the award through the prior business day. Report contains the current authorized budget (“Adjusted Budget”), actual expenditures, commitments, and available balance. Direct/Indirect cost totals, Principal Investigator name, Project Short Title, and budget/project start and end dates are also included.

A monthly status report of your Fund from the start of the award through the month selected. Reports are available after the monthly financial close and contain the same demographic information as the FZRBD90 Daily Budget Statement.

Includes a list of open commitments for personnel costs and purchase orders such as supplies, subcontracts, equipment, etc.

Includes all inception to date payroll disbursements for a given Fund. Please note, the report does not include associated Fringe Benefit costs.

Last Updated on December 8, 2022