NU’s Fringe Rate has been updated for FY22

July 13, 2021

Please be advised that NU’s Fringe Rate has been updated for FY22. The full-time Fringe Benefit Rate has been revised to 25.5% as of 7/1/2021. This change will be effective in Banner with postings of July 2021. Any PDCS that were received by NU-RES Finance by July 7th will post as a June 30, 2021 transaction using the prior rate of 26%.

The following rates should be reflected on grant and contract proposal budgets submitted to NU-RES RA effective Monday July 12. Proposals already in the queue for review will be processed without adjustments to the rates, however, the fringe rate in effect at time of award will be used for purposes of expenditures applicable to that award.

Please contact your Grant Officer or Financial Analyst with any questions or concerns. For additional information and copy of the updated rate agreement please visit our website.



Last Updated on July 13, 2021