Staff Alphabetically

Name Title Email Phone
Richard Alves Agreements & Contracts Manager 617-373-6594
Kelly Basner Grant Management Administrator 617-373-5866
Linda Carfagna Research Account Analyst – NU-RES Finance 617-373-8264
Dana Carroll Associate Vice Provost – NU-RES Administration 617-373-5600
Fiorella Chavez Associate Director – Research Finance 617-373-6504
Fred Cromp Sr Research Compliance Spec – NU-RES Finance 617-373-4957
Joan Cyr Associate Director – Research Operations and Systems 617-373-6580
Dan Dapkas Grant Officer 617-373-5154
Kruti Desai Cash Management Accountant – NU-RES Finance 617-373-7775
Steven Dorsey Grant Management Administrator 617-373-3364
Susan Dorsey Senior Grant Officer 617-373-3874
Morgan Fielding Sponsored Account Analyst 617-373-5978
Andrea Goldstein Coordinator, Human Subjects Research Protection 617-373-7570
Mike Guerard Associate Director – NU-RES Finance 617-373-5158
Jose Hernandez Research Account Analyst – NU-RES Finance 617-373-5998
Amanda Humphrey Director of Award Administration 617-373-8853
Rebecca Jackson Sponsored Account Analyst 617-373-6682
Eric Jones Associate Director – NU-RES Administration 617-373-5313
Diane Keys Senior Grant Officer 617-373-5771
Madison Leary Regulatory Coordinator 617-373-7221
Craig Mannett Grant Officer 617-373-6869
Kalina Mathurin Associate Dir-Research Accounting 617-373-6095
Mai Nguyen Sponsored Account Analyst 617-373-7775
Eva Pasadas Director, Grants and Contracts 617-373-7269
Janae Patterson Grant Officer 617-373-5247
Amanda Ramos Application Support Specialist 617-373-8623
Nan Regina Director, Human Subjects Research Protection 617-373-4588
Tony Rufo Senior Grant Officer 617-373-2389
Marlon Sanchez Application Support Specialist 617-373-5036
Jeff Seo Interim Vice Provost of NU-RES Administration 617-373-2508
Doris Suazo-Smith Administrative Assistant for NU-RES 617-373-8838
Sean Sullivan Director Laboratory Animal Medicine 617-373-3955
Justyna Szulc Associate Director – NU-RES Administration 617-373-2561
Natalia Szulc Grant Officer 617-373-4586
Nancy Thomas Subaward Manager & Award Admin 617-373-8507
Alex Tran Director – NU-RES Finance 617-373-6504


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