Research Vision 2025: Achieving Preeminence At Northeastern University

Research Vision 2025

Art Kramer, Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education

The Provost’s Office is announcing a new program to achieve preeminence in research and doctoral education. Proposals for interdisciplinary research that detail an innovative approach to challenging societal issues are solicited from departments, colleges, and teams of faculty.

Northeastern University has come a long way in a relatively brief time period – from an evening commuter school to an up-and-coming academic and research powerhouse. This has been accomplished through strong leadership at every level of the university and investments in world-class faculty, staff and facilities.

We are now soliciting proposals to ensure the continued development of excellence in targeted use-inspired interdisciplinary research and Ph.D. programs at Northeastern University. These proposals will be evaluated by a group of external world-class scholars, scientists, and engineers – and proposals will be judged on their innovation, strength of the research team, and potential to achieve world-class status in research and PhD education over the next five years. Proposals that score highest on all of these criteria will be considered for funding through the President’s office.

Proposals should address the following eight questions in a 6- page single spaced document (additional budget page is allowed), submitted with a set of 1 to 5 PowerPoint slides. Faculty proposers should also include, in an Appendix, brief two page cv’s for each PI and Co-PI on the proposal (including the 10 most relevant publications and grants awarded in the past 5 years). The questions to be addressed in the proposal include:

  • What theme and questions will be addressed by your proposed research program?
  • How will the proposed research change the world?
  • Why should the proposed research be conducted at Northeastern University?
  • Who are your competitors for excellence in the proposed research area?
  • Who will be the faculty leaders(s) of the proposed effort and what is the evidence that they can be successful? Please also list the faculty team.
  • What resources (e.g., space, faculty lines including research faculty who can become self-supporting, equipment, etc.) are needed to achieve world-class status?
  • How will you sustain and further develop your research program once the initial university funding is exhausted?
  • Briefly describe the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program that will be derived from your proposed research program. Who are your competitors in this space and how will your proposal lead to a distinct and more effective graduate program?

Proposals should be submitted as a pdf and PowerPoint slides to Karen Drew, Director of Research and Strategic Projects by close of business November 15, 2016.

Last Updated on June 6, 2019