The Middle East Center

Director: Co-Directors: Denis Sullivan, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, and Dov Waxman, Professor of Political Science, International Affairs and Israel Studies.

The mission of the Middle East Center is to support the research and academic mission of Northeastern University in relation to the Middle East and North Africa. The center will engage:

  • Northeastern faculty from a range of disciplines and colleges;
  • International scholars, policy makers, and other professionals; and
  • Northeastern students in a comprehensive set of activities and partnerships in and on the Middle East & North Africa.

The center is dedicated to developing transformational research and policy, to promote cooperation in the Middle East – and between the Middle East and the United States – through:

  • research collaborations;
  • conferences, seminars, colloquia and public events;
  • supporting local and visiting scholars whose research is related to the Center’s activities; and
  • the establishment of close relations with academic and research institutions in the Middle East and North Africa that covers the region from Morocco to Turkey and Iran.

We have reciprocal links with institutions both in the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin with a distinguished, and growing, roster of Center Fellows. Our multidisciplinary nature is reinforced by close collaboration with departments and individuals within the University that have Middle Eastern expertise.

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