The Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (NEJRC)

Director: Co-Directors: Daniel Faber, Professor of Sociology

The Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (NEJRC) is a multidisciplinary research collaborative made up of scholars, activists, and policy makers engaged in the study of political ecology and environmental justice initiatives. Based at Northeastern University in Boston, the collaborative works on a wide range of local, regional, national, and international topics and issues. Professor Daniel Faber — a long-time researcher and advocate around environmental justice — serves as the Director.

NEJRC Associates have quickly established a strong reputation for their achievements in working with policy makers, elected officials, environmental advocates, foundation officials, scholars, students, community activists, the media, and the general public (see our “Achievements” section).

NEJRC also sponsors workshops, seminars, speaker series, and conferences. NEJRC Associates have been featured speakers at the National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit II and many other national and international conferences, and often receive local and national media coverage for their efforts (see our “In the Media Section” section).

NEJRC Associates are also affiliated with a number of scholarly journals and publications (see our “Useful Links” section). Our reports and publications have contributed to the adoption of important government regulations and policies, as well as newly innovative programs and projects by foundations, non-profit organizations, and progressive social movements (see our “Publications” section).

There are currently eight separate projects housed at NEJRC (see our “Research Projects” section). The NEJRC Mission is focused on research, education, consulting, and outreach. It is also our goal to serve as a training ground for Northeastern University students. NEJRC is an integral component of the undergraduate and Ph.D. graduate programs in the Sociology and Anthropology Department; the Ph.D. Program in Law, Policy, and Society (LPS); and the undergraduate program in the Philosophy and Religion Department.

There are currently nine graduate students undertaking research work with NEJRC, and a similar number of undergraduate students. NEJRC produces an average of about one Ph.D. per year. Moreover, many of these graduates continue to work with NEJRC even after taking appointments elsewhere in the country. In short, NEJRC provides an intellectually rich and rewarding environment for students wishing to undertake serious study, and to turn their knowledge into action (for more information, see the “Educational Opportunities” section).

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