Center for Microcontamination Control (CMC)

Director: Ahmed Busnaina, William Lincoln Smith Chair of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The CMC is the only Industry/University Research Center established by NSF that is devoted to contamination control for semiconductors (the electrical circuitry in computers). Partnered with the University of Arizona and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the CMC’s seven Northeastern engineering and physics faculty are developing state-of-the-art cleaning techniques for computer microchips and creating micro-sensors that detect impurities in gases used in building semiconductors. When particles contaminate a microchip’s surface, its electrical circuitry is disrupted and its effectiveness diminished. Effective environmentally friendly contaminant control technology has uses in the semiconductor, information technology, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries affected by particulate and ionic contamination. Founded in 2001.

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Last Updated on March 10, 2021