Research at Northeastern

Experience-driven. Solutions-focused. Propelled by global partnerships.

Research at Northeastern focuses on uncovering solutions to global challenges in health, security, and sustainability.

Our experience-driven approach—one built on close collaboration with industry, government, and academia—shapes the questions we ask and generates novel ways of thinking.

Experience unites the best minds around complex problems. It propels our cross-disciplinary collaborations. And it expands our opportunities for private-sector partnerships and funding.

This collaborative culture is rooted in Northeastern’s 30-plus research centers and eight universitywide institutes. Each draws experts together from across the university, the country, and the world, in areas from coastal sustainability to cybersecurity and privacy to robotics.

The university’s renowned experiential model of education has also ignited an important evolution in doctoral education. Our PhD students have unrivaled opportunities to work outside their primary research group—inside leading companies and startups, federal agencies, and university laboratories. In tune with the world, they are prepared to make an impact in the private sector as well as in academia.

Last Updated on January 5, 2021