Ethics Institute (EI)

Director: Ronald Sandler, Professor of Philosophy and Religion

The interdisciplinary Ethics Institute at Northeastern University was launched in 2011. The Institute is dedicated to bringing ethical analysis and evaluation to bear on social and environmental issues, as well as to promoting ethical reflection on decisions and challenges in contemporary life. It does so through:

  • Research: The Institutes supports faculty and students conducting ethics-oriented research and develops interdisciplinary research projects and programs on social and environmental issues.
  • Education: The Institute provides opportunities, both in the classroom and through experiential education, for cultivating ethical awareness and developing the skills associated with ethical inquiry and analysis.
  • Intellectual Life: The Institute fosters campus-wide discourse on ethical dimensions of pressing social and environmental problems, as well as on ethical aspects of practices and decisions in public and private life.
  • Community Engagement:
    The Institute provides a community resource on the ethical dimensions of local, national, and global social and environmental issues.

Support for the Ethics Institute is provided by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Funding for Institute programs also comes from the National Science Foundation through: “Nanotechnology in the Public Interest” (Grant No. SES-0609078); “Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing” (Grant No. NSE-0425826); “Incorporating Ethical Decisions in Nanomanufacturing Research” (Grant No. EEC-0851989).

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Last Updated on September 18, 2023