A Message from the Senior Vice Provost for Research

Welcome to Research at Northeastern University where an overarching commitment to use-inspired, solution-focused research has led to a doubling of external research funding over the last five years.

On this website you will find examples of faculty and student research programs that are tackling some of the biggest global challenges in healthsecurity and sustainability. By emphasizing and investing in collaborative, interdisciplinary research, Northeastern is creating new capabilities in emerging areas like network science and smart cities, where bold new configurations are required to understand complex systems and translate fundamental discoveries into real-world applications.  Northeastern is a founding member in regional academic-industry consortia in cyber security and high performance computing, and has just opened the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, a secure offsite facility where academic research discoveries can be applied to sensitive problems of national security.

The Division of Research supports Northeastern’s thriving research enterprise by conducting outreach to funding agencies and corporate and foundation sponsors, and developing partnerships with academic/clinical/industry collaborators that increase the scope and impact of Northeastern University research and graduate education. Along this translational continuum, the Center for Research Innovation provides a pathway for identifying and developing those discoveries that have the greatest commercial potential.

This is a time of great challenges, providing a great opportunity for the university community and our external partners to work together to increase Northeastern University’s impact, by applying use-inspired research to address critical global issues.


David Luzzi
Senior Vice Provost for Research