Coastal Universities Coalition

About CUC

coastaluniversitieslogo The Coastal Universities Coalition (CUC) is an ad hoc consortium of the nation’s leading academic institutions convened to develop science-based solutions to the most pressing issues facing populated coastal regions. Convened in 2019 by Northeastern University researchers seeking to raise the profile of coastal issues and solutions offered through expanded research opportunities, the Coalition has expanded to include institutions from every corner of the country and to cover a range of interdisciplinary issues. The Coalition has driven interest and provided expertise on Capitol Hill through roundtables with relevant committee and coastal state staff, appropriations requests, and bill input. In addition, this collaborative group shares ideas on new research initiatives and brings expertise to federal agencies to help shape future research programs. By leveraging stakeholder-driven, cross-cutting research collaborations to directly inform public policy, the CUC is developing solutions to make coastal communities more sustainable and resilient for the 21st century and beyond.


Last Updated on November 3, 2021